Sunday, May 20, 2012

What’s wrong with this picture?

My mother has impeccable fashion sense. She has a true talent for knowing exactly what looks amazing on the human body and how to wear it well. Her best advice to me when I was younger and it still rings true today is “never dress yourself as something you are not, you come off looking foolish if you do.” Please see the picture below.

I’m not saying that Angie and Sasha aren’t beautiful women in these photos but it’s so totally the wrong look for both of them.

Angie: Your husband and his linebacker buddies would be more feminine in this dress! I suspect there is a part of you that secretly wishes to be Kristin Chenoweth. But you aren’t and you never will be. Please make peace with it.

Sasha: Stay far away from belt buckles, forever! No, seriously. And the same goes for the rest of this too macho ensemble. The only time butch looks good on you is when you are wrapped in your husband’s arms. Or your current co-star’s.

Now, if both of these ladies switched styles, they would look right. Perfect, actually…

The bigger point I’m trying to make is that when something tries to be something it isn’t, it just doesn’t work.

Rizzoli & Isles is not:

  • the only nor the best crime drama on TV
  • the only show with strong, smart female characters
  • the only show depicting female friendship
  • the only show created and written by a woman
Rizzoli & Isles is (or, at least it was in the first season) a flirty, funny show with phenomenal co-lead chemistry that usually knows how to balance itself. If this new season mirrors what it did in Season 1, it will be dressed for success.

However, if this season mirrors Season 2 with the placating pandering, the tonality whiplash, and the meat puppet parade, then it will not only look foolish but completely out of character. And it simply will not work. This should never be a boring straight show – please don’t let it become one!

Thanks; )