Tuesday, April 9, 2013

An explanation, a jeremiad, and a request…

1. I am truly sorry for the story delay and offer a blanket apology for the irregular update schedule. I will try my best to do better in the future. That being said, if there is a lady dot com billionaire who is reading this and would like to sponsor my muse, please tweet me your offer @SlyNellie

Unfortunately, this is the real world and 10, 12, sometimes 14-hour days happen. I would love nothing more than to give up my fulltime salaried position with benefits to sit around in my bathrobe all day and write free fanfic for y’all. But the bill for the electricity powering my computer needs to be paid – on time and in full.

If it pains you too much to wait for the next chapter, then please check back next year around this time and I absolutely 110% promise you that this story will be filed under the “completed” R&I section of the fanfiction.net site.

For those out there who do understand, thank you! I really do appreciate all of your messages, reviews, cookies (yum), and support.

2. The R&I publicity shills have shrugged off their winter hibernation and the organ grinder is slowly cranking up again for the show. Unfortunately, it’s the same old song and dance.

The chemistry between the two leads which was ever present in the beginning has dried up quicker than a menopausal vag. The fairly decent crime stories of the first season have now faded into bad soap opera (redundant) material. And if we are to believe this to be a simple buddy comedy, then it makes Two Broke Girls look like a Peabody Award winner.

The slap-in-the-face of Frost’s mom coupled with the atrocious and irresponsible Casey storyline were the final two nails in the coffin for me. I will no longer be watching when season four airs. I will forever cherish the Jane and Maura characters of the first season and this is why I continue to write my current story.

But this will be the end of fanfic for me when it is complete. You see, I no longer believe in subtext being enough or doing the studios’ job for them only to be labeled as “whiny” and “entitled” when I ask for more representation that doesn’t fall into a waste bin of clichés (Chicago Fire, anyone?). And it’s why I won’t write fanfic for other shows like Once Upon A Time, no matter how much I adore the evil queen.

3. All of the above is why I am throwing my full support behind the following effort and strongly urge you to do the same:


I remember reading about the Nikki & Nora pilot ages ago only to be disappointed when TPTB took a hose to it. Years later, I found it on YouTube and was blown away by what I was watching considering it was made in 2004.

Now, it’s 2013 and I’m still wondering why we can’t have this?

Well, people, we can finally have this!!!

Give up the gourmet coffee, bottle of pinot, six pack of pale ale, or delivery pizza for the day and do something about it. Please. I gave up a weekend in Vegas because (barring an attack by North Korea) Vegas will still be there next month.

Will N&N be the answer to all of our prayers? Doubtful, but it’s a damn good start. And it needs to start again. Now.

And the first one of you to email/tweet me proof of your $100.00 donation, I will happily match it. slynellie@gmail.com

Thank you for taking the time to read this: )