Sunday, May 19, 2013


Production on The N&N Files is underway and with the sorry state of LGBT characters on television with tropes, stereotypes, and outright nonexistence, not a bloody moment too soon!

I am so thrilled that the Indiegogo campaign surpassed its fundraising goal and would really like to thank you readers who took the time to contribute and spread the word – please keep on doin' it: )

The following is a direct response to Georgia's question from my story reviews section but I believe others are curious as well:

Yes, I do believe The N&N Files will be much better than the average Hollywood show due to the attention and care that was necessary to keep the concept alive this long, not to mention the determination and commitment to its success by everyone involved.

Will it be earth shattering? I truly hope so but anything with such exceedingly high expectations is almost certain to disappoint at times.

For me, as long as Nikki and Nora don't turn into goddamn zombies or decide to screw men/get knocked up after the first episode, I will be beyond elated!!!

Now, that being said, I want you to please pay very close attention to this next part:

We have already achieved a major victory before the first line of dialogue is spoken due to the fact that the two leading ladies, THE TWO LEADING LADIES,

  • not supporting players in an insanely large ensemble
  • not a very special guest star of the week
  • not a recurring character distantly related to one of the other characters

Oh, and also, this show will NOT be about them sculpting Rodin statues out of their LGBT navel lint like The L Word did to a fault. The fact that they are a sexy lesbian non-mom couple is secondary to the plot of the week. It’s what Rizzoli & Isles should have been if R&I had a spine.

With N&N, I look forward to:

  1. Not pretending that they are kissing women instead of men
  2. Not using my own imagination (I'm way too tired and busy for that)
  3. Not relying on the generosity of someone else's free fanfic when there are perfectly capable and highly paid staff writers to do the job
Each little victory sets a stone in a path that leads to the next step and the next step and the next step. I personally hope this larger step will continue to reinforce the notion that women are NOT just for fun/fucking and only men are for long-term marriage. And that's why the path must continue to be built.


By the way, you can still contribute to The N&N Files here:

More money = better production values = better show!